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What is a Digital Audit?

One of the core BizWorks360 consulting products is the BizWorks360 Digital Audit. I developed the product in response to client requests to 1) better understand how the digital landscape was or was not working effectively enough for them and 2) improve their digital efficacy.

What is a Digital Audit?

The BizWorks360 Digital Audit is a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s digital assets, including its website, digital content resources and social media presence. The evaluation is done against a company’s stated business goals and objectives, established digital practices and the digital performance of its direct competitors. And most importantly, it includes recommendations and a road map for improving and/or enhancing a company’s digital assets to yield better results.

In advance of the Inbound Marketing Summit, this past September, I had the opportunity to talk with my colleagues at The Pulse Network about this product. That interview is included below.

If you want to learn more about the BizWorks360 Digital Audit, please click the link below.  In the meantime, if you have comments or questions, about the overall product, I would appreciate your feedback in the comment section.

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