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Taking Content Creation to the Next Level

I love good content.  I love Hubspot’s content.  I tell clients that they need to create content.  I help them create and execute content calendars.  I help them optimize their sites.  I help them build their businesses.

But when it comes to my creating content on a regular basis, I am always finding excuses about not taking content to the next level.  Not any more.  Rick Burnes, Hubspot’s Community Manager, did a great job in helping me eliminate my own writers block – so much so that I am dashing out this post after his presenation “Taking Content Creation to the Next Level” here at the Hubspot User Group Summit.

Some of the great take-aways for me today include:

1. “You don’t need to be Hemmingway”

Just do it!  Write!  Don’t get caught up in making it perfect.  Actually, Hemmingway became Hemmingway by not focusing on being Hemmingway.  He was a journalist first and cranked out daily!

2.  Always be focused on creating content

Everywhere you go, you have an opportunity to create content.  For example, here at the Hubspot User Group Summit, there are opportunities to get someone to spend time with you to do an interview that could be done as a video blog or as a written interview.  In fact, over lunch, I am going to try and find someone who I can interview . . . stay tuned.

3.  Always be iterating

Try new things when it comes to blogging.  But don’t forget to check the analytics and see what is working.  At the end of the day, per Rick “data should decide content choices.”

4.  Find ways to repurpose content

If you invest in creating content, there are always opportunities to repurpose that content into a presentation, a webinar, a white paper or a new blog series.  Always be finding ways to create links to your content.  It will help your website’s traffic.

5.  Delight Your Audience

When Hubspot first started blogging, they took a very “Charlie Rose” approach.  It was working, but it wasn’t delighting their audience.  Through experimentation, Hubspot Co-Founder Dharmesh Shah found that cartoons produced explosive results with their audiences.  I particularly like this cartoon featured in Ten Social Media Cartoons Guaranteed to Make Your Smile


I am very proud of myself for getting this done by lunch.  I hope those that read it find it useful.  I want to delight and I want to help!  Please let me know if I have succeeded here.  🙂

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