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Is It Worth To Buy Instagram Followers?

Social media is used as a marketing tool for engagement in different ways.

Instagram has now become a hub for companies, and now consists of millions of users who actively check their accounts and get information about the latest things happening to their friends, businesses and market trends.

Due to its popularity and organic appeal, Instagram considers an effective marketing tool when attracting people to their businesses.

There is no doubt in the theory that Instagram is nothing but supporters and that they are the only source of expanding business and increasing consumer engagement in business.

However, the problem arises when you do not know how to make people aware of your services or to tell the world that you have some amazing things to offer.

Well, creating an account and publishing photos will only help you increase your social reach, but not necessarily the involvement of customers into your actual business.

For the sake of clarity, I will break down how to use Instagram for optimal social media engagement.

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What is a Digital Audit?

One of the core BizWorks360 consulting products is the BizWorks360 Digital Audit. I developed the product in response to client requests to 1) better understand how the digital landscape was or was not working effectively enough for them and 2) improve their digital efficacy.

What is a Digital Audit?

The BizWorks360 Digital Audit is a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s digital assets, including its website, digital content resources and social media presence. The evaluation is done against a company’s stated business goals and objectives, established digital practices and the digital performance of its direct competitors. And most importantly, it includes recommendations and a road map for improving and/or enhancing a company’s digital assets to yield better results.

In advance of the Inbound Marketing Summit, this past September, I had the opportunity to talk with my colleagues at The Pulse Network about this product. That interview is included below.

If you want to learn more about the BizWorks360 Digital Audit, please click the link below.  In the meantime, if you have comments or questions, about the overall product, I would appreciate your feedback in the comment section.

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Taking Content Creation to the Next Level

I love good content.  I love Hubspot’s content.  I tell clients that they need to create content.  I help them create and execute content calendars.  I help them optimize their sites.  I help them build their businesses.

But when it comes to my creating content on a regular basis, I am always finding excuses about not taking content to the next level.  Not any more.  Rick Burnes, Hubspot’s Community Manager, did a great job in helping me eliminate my own writers block – so much so that I am dashing out this post after his presenation “Taking Content Creation to the Next Level” here at the Hubspot User Group Summit.

Some of the great take-aways for me today include:

1. “You don’t need to be Hemmingway”

Just do it!  Write!  Don’t get caught up in making it perfect.  Actually, Hemmingway became Hemmingway by not focusing on being Hemmingway.  He was a journalist first and cranked out daily!

2.  Always be focused on creating content

Everywhere you go, you have an opportunity to create content.  For example, here at the Hubspot User Group Summit, there are opportunities to get someone to spend time with you to do an interview that could be done as a video blog or as a written interview.  In fact, over lunch, I am going to try and find someone who I can interview . . . stay tuned.

3.  Always be iterating

Try new things when it comes to blogging.  But don’t forget to check the analytics and see what is working.  At the end of the day, per Rick “data should decide content choices.” read more

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8 Things to Tweet About and Not What You Had for Lunch

In my last installment to my series on the Top Ten Business Practices for Twitter, I focused on when and how often to tweet. This post focuses on the best content posting practices. To that end, I put together a list of eight things to tweet about, and none of them are about what you’re eating for lunch:

1.  Links to Blogs and Articles About Your Industry

In the course of the day, we all see numerous articles and blogs that are relevant to our respective industries.  It is great to share these editorial finds, but it is even better to write them in a way that will get people to link on them, as John Borthwick, founder of Betaworks does below with this tweet:


2.  News About You and Your Company

It is great to share news about you or your company as it is relevant to your followers.  In the tweet below, @FordMustang does a nice job tweeting about a recent article discussing the power of the Ford Mustang versus Ford Trucks:


3.  News About Your Industry

It is great to comment about news in your industry.  Last week’s LinkedIn IPO unleashed lots of commentary from many digital leaders and commentators on Twitter, such as this tweet from Henry Blodget, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Business Insider:


4.  Trending Topics

Trending topics on Twitter invite wide variations of commentary.   This past week, Christian broadcaster Harold Camping’s prediction that the world would end on May 21, 2011 generated a lot of Twitter commentary, including this funny tweet from British comedic actor Stephen Fry: read more